Not receiving POA reward

Did not recieve reward for POA gains level hero.
Was going for finishing le eling heroes and it didn’t give me reward or the points.


My game name is

This was approx 2:05 AM Mountain time.
I would appreciate this alot. Can you fix problem?

I got the same. It’s a cache problem
On Android:
Settings -> Apps -> Empires
a.) ->Force stop
b.) Storage -> clear cache
c.) restart app
d.) voila

On iOS: ???

Not an issue ime. Android is just that little bit more flakey (being a user of both).

Thanks CH but it didn’t work

and yes Its Android. I tried what you suggested. Anything else I could try ?

If you continue to not see it, you’ll probably need to submit a ticket. Sorry, but only SGG would be able to address this.

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