Not receiving #playaparttogether rewards

I got the first two but nothing since. My alliance mates are receiving them as usual. It’s just the odd world energy flask so not super upset but still weird.

Are they just winding you up?
I don’t think anyone else is receiving more.
We only had about 3 or 4 in total, I think.
We haven’t been given anything for a long time


Seems reasonable, but it’s the second time it happened. Those guys definitely think they are very funny but they are not joking this time.

We have received 3 gifts in our alliance. I don’t know if the rewards for the alliance (the avatar) are still being handed out.
But looks like the hype is over and we can remove it from our banners again.
Would be nice if we could get official confirmation if this is still an active thing or not.


They did one last week, no mention if it’s still ongoing or not.

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Yep, this is still a weekly thing we do (the winning Alliances I mean). :slight_smile:


All I know I about is 3 gifts that have been given out other then the weekly avatar thing but that is a separate thing.

Are your alliance mates maybe getting world energy flasks as compensation for bug issues? I know that that does happen occasionally

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Thanks for all the feedback. It looks like it wasn’t a bug, just people catching up on Mailbox items.

Good to know about the frequency and also that the avatar raffle is still going.

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