Not receiving Gems purchased

Purchased Gems from Magpie promotion, money was deducted from my Google play account and email from Google play was received but an error came up in game (regarding lost internet connection) and didn’t receive gems. What can I do?

My suggestion is to submit a ticket to SG customer support. Be sure to include your receipt as proof of purchase.


+1 on the above. Grab some SS.

Also check your Recent Activity by going (in game) to:
Options -> Support -> Recent Activity

To contact support see this thread:

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Thank you for the assist. By any chance would you know how I do that?

You can submit a ticket by following these instructions: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

This might also have some useful info:

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Sorry for the late reply. Seems like @zephyr1 already answered your question.

Good luck!

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