Not receiving experience

Just checked how much experience I needed and received 24k, and only needed 15k to next level.
It didn’t move…
I have been checking recently as it seemed people were leveling a lot faster than me.

What’s going on?

Hey I’m not sure if this belongs here but everytime I upgrade my mine my level increases but my max iron stays the same. It’s really frustrating and making me lose interest in the game. I’ve been playing solid for over a year. I can’t figure out how to report it or create a topic about it. Anyone else?

Improving mines just increase the capacity off iron you can accumulate on that particular mine.
To increase overall iron storage capacity you need to upgrade iron storeg building!

Ohh and its off topic @zephyr1 @Garanwyn a split? To merge in some similar cause i’ve seen the same doubt before…

Two things…
You are farming lvls wich give low xp per we.
Others farm lvls on with more xp/we or use we flasks/buy refils…

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