NOT receiving credit for iron winnings

I am only receiving credit for iron from mines and watchtower. I am not receiving it from winnings.

Hi @CelestialGrocery3 can you elaborate a little, please?

  1. Do you mean Iron is not displaying in the awards box from titans, raids, farming, etc.?

  2. Do you mean that iron is displaying in you awards box but the amount of iron in your iron storages is not increasing?

Maybe some screenshots would help. We’re very visual people on these forums :grin:


Thanks so much for responding. I meant #2.

At the time I didn’t know how to screenshot it but I do now. I did restart my device and it seems to be working now. If I it happens again- I will update you.

Fantastic! It looks like this may have been a visual anomaly or your game was just cranky :laughing: Hopefully it works from now on for you!

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I hope so. I do have another question that I’ve been waiting on a response. How do I (leader) change a member’s war status to spectator if they are unresponsive and do not participate in Wars? I didn’t want to kick them out. I was in an alliance previously and I saw it done. Now that I’m a leader - I haven’t figured out how to do it.

@CelestialGrocery3 There is no way for a leader/co-leader to manually change another players war status. Here are your options:

  1. Kick the player from your alliance. I understand that’s harsh, but it is an option. My alliance has, unfortunately, had to use this option with a player that would habitually set their checkbox to participate and then never hit.

  2. Wait 2 wars. If the player does not participate in 2 consecutive wars the system will automatically remove his/her participation checkmark from the box. S/he can add it back in at a later time - hopefully when s/he really wants to participate with the alliance.

I do understand the want for a leader to be able to manage the war participants. Unfortunately, if this option was available there is a huge potential for abuse. This may be why the devs have elected to not implement this option.

Hope this helps!

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It has been more than 2 Wars and the option hasn’t kicked in yet. I’ve sent several messages as well.

A couple thoughts:

  1. If your alliance member uses even 1 flag in a war, the counter resets to 2.

  2. We’ve recently had a couple war breaks. It’s possible (although I don’t have proof) that this needed with the counter.

  3. The player may know of the 2 no-war rule and be playing the numbers. As I mentioned in a previous post, we had one that did that. I believe he was riding the coattails of our alliance in hopes of getting something good in the war chest. This may be what is happening in your alliance.

Barring these, you may need to kick the player from the alliance. If he communicates in chat, you may want to arrange this with him.

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