Not receiving all my loot items after farming maps

I have not been getting all the items of loot after completing a map stage. I tried this both in the Atlantis map and Season one maps. How can this be corrected? As l am missing out on getting my materials. Thanks!

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Will you post a video including items before stage, loot, and then what you’re missing afterwards please?

Video and not pictures?

Pictures will still be helpful

Hey Jules. Well this is not news to me, but I thought it was my phone because,I didn’t empty my emblems and all my loot . Yesterday I clear everything, n no luck I just gat one recruit n no materiel…

Okay, looks to be only an issue with the notifications not the actual materials received. I was going by the notifications. I went back and checked by counting all my inventory before and after. So you can close this thread. Unless you wanna make a ticket that the little red notifications are inaccurate? Thanks!

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