Not received epic tokens

Recently I have been having problems with getting the loot I should have won. Yesterday I completed a colour chest where I won 2 epic hero tokens but when I went to the summons box there was no free pulls available so I didn’t get them.
This isn’t the first time this has happened over the last month. On other accasions I’ve won epic hero token and I got a troop token instead when I made a point of checking due to having this issue before.
Is there a way I can make sure that I receive what I have won rather than having it changed or not at all.
Thank you guys.

You should take photos of it and send to support


I would say the same… create the habit of taking picture of the screen everytime you get a token, and then when you go to summun button and shows up different open a ticket on support and they will review the log and analyse.


I did the same thing as you suggested and I’m happy to say that they gave me a free pull on epic hero even though I only got a 3 star hero. Thank you for thinking the same way as myself though. Lol

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