Not new but want to know war


One of our alliance members is in spectator mood. She didn’t go there on her own. She wants to fight in the war. She missed the last time because of a hurricane that hit her state. She is safe and can fight but can’t now. Real life happens and should have not been taken out. Can you put her back in?


Putting her back in the war–probably they won’t do it (and I don’t think they should).
By checking “Participate in wars” she’ll be able to participate in the next wars.


Yes. First verify she has the “particulate in wars” box checked. If so, it’s possible she missed due to inactivity (even though it was a hurricane which blows - no pun intended). If participation is properly checked, may be worth a support ticket. Probably won’t do anything for this war, but you want to make sure it doesn’t continue beyond this one.