Not necessarily a bug but an account update

The glitches I had reported have reduced dramatically, lagging is almost completely gone but still sporadically occurs. No more ejections to fortress screen or into shrunken screens but still occur on occasion similar to the lagging reduction. I appreciate your taking the time to fix my account. In truth, the severely reduced game play had me seriously leaning towards quitting the game. However, still not quite back to pre-PoV game quality. Additionally, while talking to senior members in a new alliance I just joined I have become aware of an additional glitch that I had disregarded from when I first started playing the game. Titan attacks. I have seen the value of arrows, axes, and so on up with regular game play and challenge events but saw no effect on titans so I thought they weren’t to be used on titans. As for as buffs go, whether hero property or a banner, I have seen no impact from any of them in any part of the game. I would appreciate it you could look into for me. I did see that there were other posts from other gamers with the exact same or similar problem.

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