Not my defense team selection in AW



Today a controlled my heroes team in war and the game added to war not my defense selectio-Team 2 but some heroes are changed to low power. This is not my another team, this is hero selection throught my teams 2 and 3. And used troops? My heroes with biggest power Colen and Bane had loe kevel one star troops which are not in my troop team. Whete the game gave them??? Dewelopers - you are ruining this game. Thabks a lot. Morning I was thinking i will pay some monex for gems or loot, but now (15:15 CET) i thing NEWER. Facts-time 15:00 CET, player Green ponny, account number #TX75U, now you can chack it in my accont situation still happens. I know that game is using prepate time for war and changes in defense team durig this time will not appear in war, but i am not using Prisca, Azaat and Raghilda in defense team for weeks.
May 30, 2018 1:58 PM

You need to go to the Battlefield to edit your war team. Wars do not use your defense team.

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Alliance>War>Battlefield during prep time. There you will need to edit your defense team for wars.

The teams 1-5 that you have set up are not used for war in any way.

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But it also happend to me that i edited my team war, but in war my trops (red) was lvl1…and i didnt even have that troop in my inventory…at least i learnd to chech in prep time what is my war DT​:joy::joy:

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