Not loading the game is it because of the new update

Is anybody else having issues with the game not loading? I have a new Android and I can’t get it to go past the black screen. On my old Android (my second account that I have it loads fine it has the old update.) Is this because of the new update?

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I just looked I have not received the new update.

Can I try reinstalling the game

Reinstalled the game it worked.

Uninstall and reinstall did not work for me. I’m still getting the “Update Available” message when I log in. I’m currently on 33.0.1 Build 1384 on Android. Google Play says the last update is from Nov. 26th.

Update, after reinstalling the app, the icon from Return to Morlovia is now on my device.


Are you playing on more than one device? That popup can appear if you have updated the game on one device making your player incompatible with the older version of the game. We roll out the updates in phases over a few days so it may not be available on all your devices at the same time. You should be able to play on the device where you updated your game and your player.

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Yes I’m on multiple devices. I’ve just never had both devices on the current version and still get this error. In the past, it only happens when one of the devices is ahead of the other in version numbers. Both are on 33.0.1. But at least one of them is still working so it’s not really affecting game play.

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