Not happy banned frm chat

So apparently saying hello pixie, addressing a member by their in game name was worth sg taking note of whn reported for serious violation, and apparently the effidnce they brought up on recruitment posts reported as spam, doing a recruitment post 10 min to 10hrs apart is spam, I find being banned frm chat with spam being the one reported the most very harsh and unfair when you look at those time gaps

I do understand that there are some frustrations with moderation through in game chat. There’s a thread here like that to discuss better improvements to it:

Though keep away from debating any individual cases as that can get your post flagged:

Forum Rules - Please Read
14. Do not discuss or debate publicly any of the disciplinary actions taken by staff,moderators or support. This includes: account and in-game chat bans or warnings, forum moderation (suspensions, silences, topic closures or post removals). Posting any private messages or e-mails (regardless of topic) received from staff, moderators or support is strictly prohibited.


As Dave points out, the forums are not the court of appeals for disciplinary actions. Please submit a support ticket to communicate with E&P staff.

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