Not getting trained up heros from level 12 and level 13 training camps.,

I recently used Training Camps 12 and 13. I saw a Berden character created from 12 and a Chao from 13, but they did not subsequently tappear in my hero roster! What gives? Why are they AWOL? Thanks.

Have you looked at your recent activity log to confirm these trainings?

You also might want to look further down in your roster.
You get those heroes with ascension 1, level 1 and need to max them afterwards. They’re not maxed when you receive them. :slight_smile:

As a above, check your recent activity log:

Menu -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity

If you’re certain there is still an issue, best thing you can do is to #contact-support. Click that Hashtag for instructions on how to do that :slight_smile:

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