Not getting the Value for what I'm paying

Agreed completely
There truly is no incentive in summoning repeated heroes, we just feed everyone away, and everyone here goes thrpugh the same feeling of summoning and regreting. When you a are new to the game the value for summons is super high, but with a fully stacked bench there is no purpose. And if you want a specific hero just give up delete the game like some alliance members did, cause they spent more than they could and it was sad.

An alchemy lab where you can upgrade your ascention mats, transform them into something useful is the best idea around.

An Atlantis Training center is another useful idea for the game.

The more u advance the less you spend is a fact, so if the game developers do not give us an incentive for spending they will also hit the tome wall!

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Breaking a open door here.
From the very first moment i said season 2 is designed for new customers and not old ones.
It is sad but again is not something new in Small giant model.
Take as reference achievements and/or personal offers.
No long run conquests are worth the time spend to get them, and the best offers are solely granted for trying people spend for the first time, not who already help this game quite a lot.

For some aspects i guess get rid of some people would be beneficial for them, as new whales obtain more visibility and are incentivated to spend even more.

But if all this is only BS coming from my distorted mind, there’s the possibility that they simply don’t want to change (not even a bit) a model that was successful until now.

Finally, you may consider there’s the chance you are not considered by them a huge spender anymore (or whatever you think you are), that things are changed and there’s people inclined to spend much more then before.

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The house is always to blame!

I just think EP does not make it clear how much of a gamble this game is, and it is clearly dangerous, some of my ally members had real trouble and had to commit game suicide, fed all 80 heros to 1-2-3*. All trying for a Guin…

So when u spend 2-3-4-5k dollars trying one card and it simply doenst show something is wrong. The percentage is below 1% and spending thousands while not knowing what you will get is just clearly nonsense.

I learned this on my first summon, i really though i was getting that Joon till i received Ulmer, and later realized there was this tiny phrase: “chance for a lengendary”

I do spend as i please in this game, but i also went through frustration of not getting anything of value, and also have regretted, so the game should make it clear that even though it is F2P it has a gambling model of loot boxes and summons, where nothing is guaranteed, and that would at least warn players before spending.


Multiple hero’s are NOT valueless. There is just less value. You gain both experience fodder for other heroes OR you gain duplicates you can level for war or whatever.
Personally I think Atlantis summons should be up the entire month and I think eventually hotm 6 months after they appear on Atlantis should get cycled into the epic summons/tc20 batch.

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Hopefully they hear you

@Lunx if the thing that’ll make us break our heroes ascension cap will be to feed them copy of themself then even doubles will be of some uses. If it’ll require “only” another wagon of ascension meterials Id call this a “failed medical operation” to save the FTP aspect of the game :slight_smile:


And ya know. 20 characters.

Anybody who spends more than 12 seconds on this forum knows this game is a huge rip off. The value of our money had always been way out of line with what we receive in return. I truly think SG is limiting the number of “random” drops available in any given time period (see my earlier comment above).

This isn’t about having a better team and therefore receiving less for your money. This is about our money being taken with no chance of ever receiving anything useful, no matter where you are at in the game.

That is precisely why I’ve decided to become F2P for a while and I fail to see how that benefits SG. I may miss out on a Hero of the Month or two or 10, but there is a mechanism in place for getting old Heroes of the Month now.


yes but that mechanism requires more spend that flat hotm. Getting a specific limited 5 is statically more difficult than getting hotm.


I will simply wait until they are done rolling out the Season 2 heroes and hopefully they’ll have them in their own separate summons without Season 1 heroes included.

Currently the summons simply are not worth the money for me.

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Another conspiracy theory…sigh.

The game is not a rip off…it’s free. :smile:

Some offers or summons, after you have a certain bench , are a rip off.

But you enter the casino and you know that the odds are stacked against you……it’s now your decision to play/pay.

@Dante2377 Yes the summoning values for you are worth less now than they were before.

But what is the soloution without the game becoming completely pay to win?
I agree that the alchemy lab might be the way to go but this does not solve the summoning problem.

Now if they roll out new possibilities to improv/further train existing heroes that might be interesting for the longtimers but it does not solve the summoning problem.

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Thanks or the input, but it appears that you’ve missed the entire point of the discussion. I’m not suggesting that the game is a rip off. I am simply stating that the Summons do not hold enough value to be worth the money to me and to many others due to their design.

I have suggested that this ought to be examined because, while the game can be played for free, it is designed to make money for the owners/creators. Sure, it will continue to make money for a while and maybe they’ll eventually come up with separate summons for Season 1 and Season 2 once all of the heroes have been rolled out.

Meanwhile, People like me, who previously had spent a lot of money on this game won’t be spending for summons. Some will continue to do so. While I was willing to forego obtaining a Hero of the Month for September if I was unable to acquire one with free tokens, it turns out that I won’t have to do so. I was able to summon this month’s Hero of the Month using a free token.

Maybe I’ll have the same luck next month and maybe I won’t. If the summons are not fixed, I am perfectly willing to wait until the situation is corrected and continue to take my chances with the free tokens. I have plenty of Heroes to work with currently and have hit the “tome wall” so I can’t advance 5* to final tier after I use my last two tomes anyway.

I’m patient. This game is a grind. Either they will fix the problem or they will not. Until they do, I am Free to Play.

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The game is already pay to win, the threshold is just much higher.


While I don’t doubt there are several in the same position as you, there are thousands standing behind you, willing to slap down cash to acquire what you already have.

There are so more many of them than you, and I fear your decision to cease spending will have no effect on anything in the ‘macro’ sense of the game.

The only thing I truly do hold against SG is that they do not disclose the odds of the summons. They effectively force one to find out if the odds are good enough by trying them out. And that is a recipe for buyer’s remorse, as @Otto0000 has experienced with the Atlantis summons.
I’ve been done with 10 x summons since a few months. Haven’t landed a HOTM since Delilah. I’ve done like 3 of them and I get better return from my TC20’s. So screw HOTM’s, I’ll play without.

The Atlantis summons? Totally NOT worth my cash. I mean COME ON, if the expected outcome is a 3* season 1 hero, and the odds of anything better are quite similar (meaning small) compared to the other summons, then go take a hike with your offer. Not buying. Blergh.

By the way @Otto0000 , you still did get Tarlak! There’s a huge amount of Tarlakless players out there that probably think you’ve got very little reason to complain :wink:


I agree that Atlantis Portal should only have Atlantis heroes (in that case, however, there should be a lot more of them). Other than that, sigh, as it has already been stated multiple times, what you’re paying for is only a pile of digital “gems”. That’s it, there’s no guarantee you’ll get anything you may want for those gems. How hard is that to understand? This is a casino with the same shitty odds as every casino on earth. You should not spend exorbitant amounts of cash expecting major “value for money” here (again, that is subjective). Spend any amount you wish and can afford, just understand that “the odds are not in your favour”, there are no guarantees, and treat the outcome accordingly. Got a good hero? Great, RNGesus smiled on you today. Pile of trash? Oh well, maybe better luck next time (or not).

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There’s one thing you forget. (At least in the Netherlands following is the rule)

A casino only gets 3% of the money what goes in. 97% of the money goes out again with other players.

So please don’t compare SG with a casino.

Every summons has been a 3* with several being duplicates of a less than stellar hero. Money spent usually means a better chance of upgrades, but not here. It’s simply a bigger chance for a loss. No one is playing or paying to get lower characters or duplicates or crappy pulls. Call it bad odds, but it seems more than that to me! Almost all my troop summons have been 1*. Guess it’s just my luck. Not buying it… literally! People posting points like this to those of you at the top, don’t have merit because it’s not affecting you at this point. I’m feeling frustrated myself with this GAME!

Stop summoning, start building, cross your fingers for better luck with TC13 and 20.

Unfortunately cant advise you for ascension materials with the exception of good luck, do the events, rare quests, Titans etc.

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