Not getting raid points?

I had 2 points to get to fill raid chest, beat 3 heros before dying but points didn’t go into chest, now have to wait 45 minutes to try again?

So basically you are saying that the raid chest read 38/40, then you went raiding, defeated 3 heroes, and it still reads 38/40?

Yes, but the red hero did go to my fire chest, raided again after 45 and it went through?

Okay, that was definitely a bug then. :slight_smile:

Did those dead heroes by chance get resurrected by MoNo or Alby before the end of the fight? If that happens, then unfortunately you don’t get credit for the kills.

The other thing that sometimes happens is, if you reach the end of the timer and lose that way, you’ll get credit for no kills. It doesn’t sound like this is what happened though, given your write up. But I though I’d mention it just in case.

No res heros on opponents team, died long before timed out! It seems fine now, except getting my butt kicked!

Probably still worth submitting a support ticket, if you can narrow down when it happened time-wise.

I’m glad it resolved! Not much to be done about the getting-your-butt-kicked part though. Sorry man. Good luck turning it around!

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