Not getting loot from map


Not getting loot from map. I have been farming. That said, when I get loot from map that I need I make heroes and craft. I noticed yesterday that I didn’t get some loot. Thought might have not seen correct. Today I am watching… I am not getting all the loot. I was supposed to get 3 practice swords in one take… no swors when went to use. Other loot missing as well. Pretty sure this is since update.

Thank you in advance for working on this.


The picture shown when you click on a map level is what you can get, not what you will get. :slightly_smiling_face:


She knows and meant on the rewards after completing map. They weren’t in her inventory. I believr she submitted a ticket as well. Seems a few posts regarding this since update (s)


Yes I do know that… it is the supposed collected loot that is missing.


My apologies; I hadn’t read any previous posts on your item.

How long has it been since you put in a support ticket?


I posted here first, then realized I was in wrong place for ticket. I posted a ticket right after. I got email that they are looking in to it. :):slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You