Not getting food from season 2

I played 5 boards in season 2 to gain food but my food stayed at the same amount. Played boards in levels 15 & 16.

I kinda wanted to do something like this too last Atlantis but wanted to post statistics and check to make sure it wasn’t an ongoing issue already. But I didn’t have the time and then forgot about it since I don’t run Atlantis outside of that event.

I used maybe 500 loot tickets during Atlantis and gained a lot of iron. Filled up maybe 3 times despite using both builders to upgrade advanced iron storage and advanced house plus crafted quite a lot of harpoons and tornados. Food never filled up. May have gotten some smaller amounts but between feeding heroes, crafting the tornados and completing missions I’m just not sure how much if any I gained. If I did get food it must have been max 20% of the iron gained.

You know. I thought I was just imaging it and put it out of mind. I’m going to pay more attention to this now. Could be a glitch…or Discobot needs food for his world domination army??

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Well @Lizmccl, I’ve run about 30+ Season 2 levels. I’m getting much less ham than iron on average but it appears I am getting ham.
Could this have been an Atlantis Rising issue?

Well depending on the stage if there’s 3 times as much iron I guess I would notice 1.3 million iron. The food would be just enough for using emblems on one hero so that would be a reason it never increased. I’ll just keep a closer eye next Atlantis.

Agreed @Shenjairo, as will I. I think something strange may happen on occasion, just can’t find it. But I will continue to watch and report and discrepancies.

I never moved from 575k after 6 boards… I played season 2 because I needed food. I kept checking the food and noticed the amount was not moving. I played 6 boards and still no change. Tested a season 1 board and my food went up.

That is exceedingly strange. I agree that something may be going on. We will figure it out. Although we may need to wait until the 25th for Atlantis Rising again

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