Not getting credit in the Valor Path

We just killed a titan and my path still says 6 of 8 when my alliance teammates has 7/8. Nothing has changed for me in my alliance. Can you help please?

Did you miss a titan or did those teammates go merc and get an extra titan kill? If not maybe just a visual glitch and try clearing game cache and restarting the app. If none of that works you’ll have to start a support ticket through the game app

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Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to wait until we finish the next titan to see if it gives me credit, then kinda go from their, it might not matter depending on how many “kill titan” levels there are.
Thanks again for the tips!

Your welcome. It was 32 or 35 total last time. I dont think that number changed I think they just took away the star requirements so if yall are killing the majority you should be fine

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