Not getting credit for winning the level

I just played Season 2, Province 10 - Elysian Fields, Level 8 Hard twice. Won both times, all the won loot displayed at the end. But in the overall view where you select the level to play, it doesn’t show as completed. Nor have the Atlantean coins been added to my total. Nor have the displayed heroes shown up. I honestly couldn’t tell if I got the experience points or any of the rest of the loot. Date is Thursday, June 27, 2019. Time for the 2nd playing was about 9:20 p.m. eastern daylight time.

Just played Level 9, skipping the non-advancing Level 8. Same results only I realized that I didn’t change Level 9 to hard. So I checked Level 8. It was definitely played on the hard setting, both times. Or at least hard was selected.

You only get Atlantis coins for beating a stage for the first time. If you farm on a stage that you already defeated, you do not get any more coins.

Hope this helps!

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The displayed heroes should show up in your inventory though…

You can contact SG via ticket and ask for help through the game. Click Menu > Options > Support > [Support], then click these in turn:

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