Not getting credit for Season 2 levels since costumes added

Since the costume event started there have been numerous bugs, for me to level character on the talent grid each character could learn 1 skill then I wouldmhavr to completely exit the game to learn a new skill.

Now I just played season 2 level 24-4 hard and didn’t receive credit for bearing the level. Thought it might be the same as the above issue so I tried to completely exit the game and try again. Once again I beat season 2 level 24-4 hard and didn’t get any credit.

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I believe this is being looked at

I haven’t seen this bug yet. Please submit a support ticket in game.

Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Does this mean you already played through 2.24.4 hard? If so, what credit are you expecting? (Serious questions… just trying to make sure I understand.)

Should mark it as completed on the map, increment the counter in profile by one, and give the 5 tokens.

I have been completing lower hard levels (somewhere in 18 now) and getting all the above.

Make sure the toggle is set to hard. Sometimes it gets switched to normal and can cause this. Not sure that’s the issue, but something that should be verified first.

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Glad I saw this topic yesterday. This happened to me this morning. Played 2.25.8 (H) and completed it. Got some loot and some Atlantis coins but only because fought seadragon. Province view showed that level not completed. Exited game. Restarted. No difference. Played level again. Completed it again. Got loot and Atlantis coins again (seadragon again). Back in province view, still shows level not complete on hard. Was advancing thru this province just fine last night. Issue just since Rises began.

Similar issue. I completed season 2 hard but did not get missions reward

Just had this happen on S21-10 hard. Yes, I’m certain it was hard. No, I have not completed level before (and it shows that way still).

Easy to complete, but I’d rather like my WE back, and for it to not happen randomly.

Edit: to be clear, since costumes were released I’ve cleared and gotten credit for all of hard up until now. But I think there’s an issue specifically with the 20+ provinces.

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