Not getting ascension mats

I Didn’t get any ascension mats from lats 20 titans (12* and 11*) almost everyone got at least one ascention item from 1 or 2 titans but for me no existed any ascencion items and after 2 years playing this problem happened for me a few time in every 2 or 3 months, is not fair at all cuz still can’t ascended my ■■■■ heroes, also after 2 years couldn’t get any 5* ascend mats from normaly titans or rare titans, i played this game everyday ana saw a lot ppl got 5* mats every week but for me even a gloves not existed why !? Is it fair .

What is your score? Is it A or A+?

Both some times a+ sometimes a and sometimes b, or c

Mats are not guaranteed and for the most parts they do come in when having a consistent grade. IE: Three A+ in a row so forth and so on… @Rook @Kerridoc I think this goes in the General forum.

Note: I vary from A to B and I get some mats here and there. I been waiting for a Royal Tarbard for two months… :smiley: Also worth noting that I do not hit 11* or 12* I have hit between 8* to 10*.

Also: The time you been with the alliance does matter.

Good luck!

I have received ascension materials even at a c-grade, just for the record:

This was today.


I get mostly A+, tier level loot 11. Most of the time, I get no ascension mat, even from titan loot. I get maybe like 1-2 mat per month, and mostly 3*. Pretty sh*t

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