Not getting any 4 or 5* including HOTM is 4* ascension material for compensation

How many times we get it… a 10x pull and… nothing but 3 stars…

My proposal: if we don’t get at least 1 4* or 5* (including HOTM lottery), we get compensated by getting 4* ascencion material. At least then we get something out of our 25 euros worth 2600 diamonds. Getting 3 stars is just feed. And that i can get from TC 11 for free.

FI compass, book, hidden knife etc.

@VFROOD , do you play HayDay? Knew a Vfrood there.
The summons lottery is very disappointing. Specially the epic hero summons. It is marginally better to do elemental summons, and specially summons during events, which happen once a month, usually on the second thursday.
I do not know when you started playing, but getting a 5* early on is not as rewarding as it seems, as it will be a long time before you have the mats to ascend it even to the 3 rd tier. I did get one, early on, and only 6 months later was I able to ascend it to last tier. The best way to go on with the game is to proceed with 4* heroes. They can be more useful at times. Last vent, for instance, I finished advanced with only one 5*,and no problems at all, whereas some friends with an all 5* cast had to try at least 3 times to finish it. One of the most intriguing aspects of this game is to balance the specials to maximize your hit points. There are plenty of threads in this forum with advice about it.

Thats too much of a compensation to even think they take in consideration your idea.

Guess the guaranteed one 4* for every 10x summon is much more appropriate and “possible” future feature.

Yep i play hay day :smiley:

Lol, ok, I imagined there were not that many Vfroods around. We are neighbours there.
If you are using line app and want to exchange game hints, look me up, branwen32

That’s not the link ID :smiley:

My link id is Grunnenstrikesback

Are you a neighbour in my dutch neighbourhood???

As it is that very difficult to get the materials, I won’t regret such a compensation.

I can live with guaranteed one 4* too, At any case getting only 3* is a laugh. :frowning:

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