Not fair if I can’t spend

Hello ,
i understand the game … and i admit all.the player are equal … but it’s very hard to evoluate and play without spending money … i do not mind to pay money … but it’s not fair because we can.not have card on my country … so i have no solution to pay … it very hard to play the game …

Not fair really

There is nothing in the game that you cannot get for free if you put in enough time. Lots of time. The only thing spending money does is greatly reduce the amount of time it takes.

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It’s not a game fault that your country doesn’t support international payment systems, isn’t it?

On the other hand, as @NPNKY said, there is nothing in the game that can’t be achieved for free. You just need to be more patient and your patience will be rewarded. :wink:

I understand your fustration. If the game didn’t have spending options, the only teams that would be ahead of you, are the ones that have had the game longer. @NPNKY is completely right though. I’ve been playing 2 months, and I’ve made a very competitive team in that time. If you have patience, time, stay dedicated, you’ll get that too. Join an alliance that’ll help you, guide you, help you grow, gives you advice and fights 6* and 7* titans, you’ll be there soon. Good luck


If you can’t pay for any game in your country then you should complain to Google and/or Apple…

Is there a way you can buy a Google play or iTunes gift card? Depending on your platform? You can use those in the store to make game purchases.

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