Not exactly sure what this is


i have a quick question and its probably silly of me not to know it already. i see people on here talking about 10x pulls and all that . my question is what are they talking about, spending 3000 gems to buy summons or what, i was wondering how so many people have these great heroes and i been grinding like crazy and cant get diddly it seems, and when i have got a summon token most of the time its a junk one. what am i doing wrong


Yes, they are talking about an option to summon 10 heroes at once. It is worth of 2600 gems is Event Summon or Epic Hero Summon (a right button in a summon screen).


Yup. I did 6 x 10 pulls at a cost of nearly ~16000 gems. I got most of these from the little cheepie deals through Halloween and other offers… I have a second builder and also completed a bunch of building tasks for some gems.

I got Panther and Falcon from it alongside 48 other heroes of 4 and 3* ranks that I mostly had. Some I will feed to other heroes and some will be part of my roster for Alliance Wars (30 heroes are needed)


Quite often players mentioning large amou ts of pulls are spenders. There are some who save gems and epic hero tokens, but grinding often trumped by spending.