Not enough options for using duplicate heroes

Many people who have played for a long time and spent a fair amount of money have many duplicate 4-star and 5-star heroes. Retraining is a nice option, but many of us have almost all the four and five-star heroes that are available. Your competitor allows you to either evolve your heroes up to four levels by using a duplicate of that hero plus additional heroes of that star level for the higher ranks of evolution. Another option is that you are allowed to convert four and five star heroes to emblems in the other game. Another idea would be to allow conversion of duplicate heroes to Ascension materials. I have greatly reduced my spending for summons in EP because I am tired of getting duplicates, so there is very little incentive for me to keep spending on summons. I am now mainly doing summons with the tokens I earn for free. Thank you for your consideration.

I’m not sure how are where to put this but maybe someone will. I dont post a bunch but a new game feature would be to TRADE HEROS with people in your alliance (would especially help the smaller players) and even up us that spend money as well

I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen, because any form of in-game trading could easily result in real life money exchange.
That is a no-no (even merely theoretically) because it would configure the hypothesis of pulling for assets that have (or can have) real life value, something that under many jurisdictions defines gambling.

Welcome to the fourm @Brindia here’s a few options other players have submitted before.

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Maybe we need a “Duplicate Hero [Master]” rant thread? :rofl:


Lol I think I know which game you are referring to. This competitor game thought ahead and implemented a fair means for players, who pull substantially more than f2p players, to utilise their duplicates, and thereby find some value in continuing to pull more.

That game is <1 year old. This game is now 4 years old. If SG implements this option, it will cause a lot of unhappiness amongst longer term players, who may or may not have fed away their duplicates.

Those who have fed away their duplicates would feel aggrieved at being seriously shortchanged. Those who did not will rejoice.

Either way, it will be a lose-lose situation for SG to implement this solution.

I am not taking their side. I am like you, with many many duplicates, that I have been forced to feed away, to save on gems, otherwise I will be forced to keep expanding my roster.

I can’t think of a win-win solution actually. This area should have been looked into from early days; now it’s hard to implement a solution that will not cause unhappiness to many groups of players


You don’t discard a good solution because it penalises who hasn’t had the chance to use it before it existed.
You just don’t.

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I’d even take the emblem option at this point, but Ascension materials would be even better. As for angering the long-term players, perhaps SG could do a very simple survey laying out some options, and getting the opinions of their players. One of the options could be “none of the above” or “no change”…

It’s up to SG to bite the bullet and push ahead. As you can see for yourself, they are more interested in making more money, primarily because the more revenue they generate from March 2021 to Feb 2022, the bigger the 3rd purchase payout (final instalment) will be from Zynga to the original SG shareholders.

Yeah I agree. Exchanging dupes for something more useful such as emblems or ham crates or even trainers or gems is a good solution. Unfortunately the more useful exchange options are revenue generators for this game.

They only want to implement solutions that either improve their revenue flow or do not affect their revenue flow in any way.


here are the proposed ideas for you to check out, which would solve usage of bench heroes :
Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Questions) - #88 by Cerevan_the_Omni :slight_smile:

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The best thing you have said and done in your post.

I agree with their motive for revenue. That is and should be their primary focus. As a public company, Zynga is expected, if not required, to maximize shareholder value. That said, for example, they are now earning far less from me than they did a year ago. From a purely business perspective, it is usually more cost effective to keep current customers buying stuff, than the cost to acquire new customers and hope that they spend money too. From my perspective, it is in everyone’s best interest to keep long time players interested in summoning.

SG do not care about a few people spending less because the revenue on this game is in the millions. Many more spenders are coming in.

The solution to dup heroes is a long asked thing and until they do not comeback with a way to make it very lucrative it will be hard to happen. It is best for them releasing many more powerful heroes to drive people to expend money than to fix heroes that many of us already have, hence they always show up on all the portals and as a way to quiet the inquiry they came out with the joke of HA10, a lot of recourses to get more S1 or dup heroes

Thanks for posting that information… perhaps I should sell my Zynga stock.

I created a forum account just now to post this exact same suggestion , converting heroes to 1 or 2 4 star mats would be an optimal solution .

Just wanted to clarify for an earlier post that I’m not asking them to fix heroes we already have. I’m asking them to do something that will make us want to spend money on the new heroes they’re releasing. Right now I’m really not interested in spending money on a chance to get new heroes, when it is far more likely I’m going to get duplicates which at the moment, are almost worthless.

What are you talking about? I dont know a single player who doesnt want a viable solution for duplicate heroes. Long term players are the ones who ask for this the most.

I didn’t say that I don’t want a solution. I am saying that SG will not offer a viable solution UNLESS IT GENERATES MORE REVENUE for them. That’s all they want.

If there is new business (as in fresh customers) coming in and at least 10% of this fresh business translates to new whales who spend a lot to “catch up”, why would they deprive themselves of higher revenue to keep 10% of long term customers, whose rosters and troops are up to date? It doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.

Right now they want to release Limit Breakers because :

  1. Brings in fresh revenue from long term players (main reason)
  2. It gives long term players something to do, to aspire for, keep everyone occupied on a new objective and then hopefully we “forget” that we repeatedly asked for a solution to duplicate heroes for awhile.

There was the trainer hero’s in portals a way to reduce getting dupe hero’s.
It did get a mixed review. They stoped it now :woman_shrugging:

A lot of EnP players are now playing an alternate game (to remain nameless here). This alternate game allows players to use their heros as materials to ascend other heros.

So, I love the idea of being able to convert heros into ascension materials in EnP. I doubt this will ever be implemented into the game though, as the developer would have the potential to lose revenue.