NOT DISCUSSING THE POLITICS but Would a No Deal Brexit affect purchases for UK customers?

Are the taxes set at a national level already anyway?

Is it different for digital purchase to physical imports?

I just don’t know but I’m curious to find out.

@J.o @Sara @Petri?

I recon not, too many ppl with vested interest financially tied to the EU are driving the “we r doomed” & the sky is falling.

the UK is a massive trade market be it in or out of the EU & IMO
i just wish they got the F… on with it & sort the shy…te out

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Aren’t the taxes set by the actual country and not controlled by SG at all? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding but for instance, here in Canada we have a GST (Goods and Services Tax) set federally but we aren’t charged that tax on the game.

However, there is a PST (Provincial Sales Tax) that is set by the provinces and some provinces charge it while others don’t.

Quebec charges 15% but BC doesn’t charge anything.

Won’t your tax rates be determined by what Great Britain decides to do once everything is FINALLY settled?


Since a no deal affect eventually only an england-europe commerce relantionship, but Empires and Puzzle is nothing like an import or export product, i would say it not directly affect it.

If Brittain government decide to raise their internal taxes as a consequence of the “no deal”, and that affect even the e-commerce and online payments, then it could happen to see an increase.


The VAT tax in UE doesn’t work like sales tax in USA and Canada. It’s only set at the federal (country) level and must be included in any price for consumer. So yes, I’m charged 23% VAT when I purchase gems like every player from UE although VAT rates differ (20% in UK).

I don’t think Brexit will affect players unless UK will decide to raise VAT rate. But I don’t think it’s probable in post-Brexit chaos.


Imo only if GB gets heavy inflation… they didn’t have euro.

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I don’t imagine it will have any effect. Unfortunately there’s been a lot of nonsense in the media making everyone paranoid about a no deal situation.

Our biggest single country trading partner in the world is actually the US. The EU (and by extension the UK) has no trade deal with the US and yet we manage to do business with them fine - I’ve certainly never encountered any barriers to purchasing digital products from US sites for example.

If you’re based in Europe and purchase something from Google, like gems in this game, you don’t make a deal with US company but rather with:

Google Commerce Limited
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4


Taxes are set by the country but the OP is probably meaning to refer to duties.

And the value of the pound vs the Euro will likely change - bottom line for UK players is that there may well be a cost change to purchases, not in their favour.


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