Not another YouTube Channel! .. but yeah it is ;?)

Hi Guys, So I have been playing E&P for about 4 years now and I love the game and more so the crazy community that comes along with it, especially all of the quirky like minded friends I have made along the way!

Most of my E&P journey I have learned from YouTube videos and more recently from my alliance mates as I swiched and moved up the ranks and outgrew less active groups. But as we all know its hard to get good at a game with so much variety and no instruction manual!

So in the interest of giving back what I can to the community I have started a YouTube channel mainly dedicated to giving concise information about new heroes as they come out, which I want to be suitable for all player levels, tutorials and help for events such as tournaments challenges and titans.

Ive only been getting super active with it recently & I fully intend to keep sharing relevant content and I’d love it if it can help some of you improve your game, make decisions on what heroes will help your roster, where you want to summon etc

I’ll share the link here and maybe a few other bits and see where we go… Thanks Friends :wink:


Good luck with this! I know it takes quite a bit of time and commitment to create/edit videos, so it’s really nice you’re doing this to help the community (especially for the newbies). Wish I had resources like this when I first started the game. Cheers :slight_smile:


This would be a refreshing change and a point of difference to other YouTube offerings about Empires.

A lot of hero “discussion” is taken from a direct reference to that particular player’s roster. “This HotM is meh because I already have (insert hero name)”

Giving an unbiased opinion, while difficult (we all have biases), would help players to understand how new cards could potentially help their roster.

I wish you well in your online ventures. :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you build your channel by going to IKEA?

No… Nothing against IKEA Btw… but no ;?)

It was a reference to The Wire :slight_smile: McNulty tried to build a bed from IKEA but gave up.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Totally missed it! its been so long since i watched it ive forgotten glad you got where the name came from tho lol. :beers:

Thanks @Kenzo and @ZoidbergThe3rd I appreciate the support and really hope it can be a good addition and unbiased reference for players (though as u said some bias is bound to creep in, i mean a Salmon’s a Salmon right?) I remember every time I pulled a new hero thinking wow great im gonna max them right away then halfway through levelling another pops up and thinking great but what exactly do I do now and how do I choose, and how do I put all these guys together in teams and there really isn’t a lot of help, so again thats the goal & thanks for the well wishes. :v:t4:

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The new Mighty Pets Heroes are just the cutest bunch of ‘Wolves in Sheeps Clothing’ I’ve ever seen! Hats off to SG! Love these Guys ;?)

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Informative and well thought out. Thanks for sharing.

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NEW THOR’S a Bit of a let down… unfortunately ;?(

Now Here’s a Thor I can Get on Board with ;?)

Great new Gargoyle heroes let us know if you snag one, patience isn’t a strong suit but gonna wait till 1 jan with new HOTM in for my pulls. Happy New Year all!!