Not allowed to like messages on the forum for 47.5 years


Hey all,

Just logged on to read a bit on here - first like I want to give to a message I agree with and I get this message:

You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 418137.6574344611 hours before trying again.

Now I know I may like a bunch of messages :rofl: but I’ve never used up too many likes in a day, let alone the first one. I guess I’ll come back in 47.5 years to like the message?

Figured I’d point it out here… hope it can be altered. Else I hope ya’ll will get used to me typing stuff like “Like (extra stuff to fulfill the 20 min character requirement)” under posts I like :rofl:


Haha! Stop being so supportive! write something flaming or offensive, I’m sure that will bring the like/disslike ratio down! :wink:


“Like” (extra stuff to fulfill the 20 min character requirement)


I’m afraid to like your message, loorts.


Interesting :smiley: this shouldn’t happen and sounds like a bug, I’ll let our service provider know!

Edit: seems like Discourse is on it already: It’s a known issue and they are deploying a fix.


I can like again! Thanks petri!