Not able to get to Support or here

I went to the support page in the game. I tapped on each of the items listed to try to get to support (which never happened) or to get in here. They kept sending me to every FAQS page in the book, but not to support or not on here. Finally frustrated, I went to my email, found an old email from E&P, scrolled all the way to the bottom of it and found a link that brought me here. What’s with making it so hard just to ask a question or share a problem?

Try this link.
Every FAQ page is supposed to have a link at the bottom after the rest of the article has been read to directly contact customer support if it wasn’t of help, but this one definitely does.

Thank you. I will make sure to try it.


Is there going to be a chance of lessening the damage done by the revenge arrows? They wiped me out today because I had a bad matching board.

The damage the arrows does is set and the same for everyone (25% of starting health, I believe). You can do a search here in the Forum for plenty of info on it. :slight_smile:

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Dear E&P team,

Every time I tap on the video triangle it launches the "watch a video " screen.

When I tap on that it goes to a white screen and then it restarts the game. It has done this for 2 days now, as it started yesterday, 26 May 18.

There’s nothing I can do to change it on my side.

Please help!


Irvin S.