Not able to get my Alliance into a war

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March 24
@zephyr1 this is a duplicate topic. Can you consolidate the two threads (other one is titled Support? I wish) so we can try to help.

Thank you much, I hope this gets resolved as I really do like the game but, it shouldn’t be this difficult. Either I am not doing something right or something is wrong with my game. I looked for videos of someone actually showing the process from “war starts soon” to actually starting a fight so I could explain exactly where it is not going right.

BTW, I have not attempted to hack this game at any time (so I couldn’t have broken it that way). I usually do not hack online games as it just ruins the game for everyone else. (although I did a harmless hack of Lords and swords once so that everyone actually could see the prize “ruby dragon” for hitting level 100 as no one had ever attained it) :smiley:

Since it tell me on the war tab that I cannot opt out of wars until I complete the tutorial is it possible that…I lost connection when the tutorial was loading causing a glitch where the system wants me to finish the tutorial first? If so I cannot get the tutorial.

I cannot opt out and cannot participate

@anon89026910 I cannot level them if I am maxed and need ascension materials to do so (part of the reason that I am complaining)

Luigi…i cant recall the excact score, that the Alliance needs to participate in wars. But i kinda think that’s the issue. Im not 100% sure but i think its like 3500 or 4000, the alliance score has to be in order to compete in wars

Thank you for having a reasonable answer however, our war score is 11831 which more than qualifies (I think).

It’s the alliance score, not the war score that matters I think. War score is used for matchmaking. What’s your alliance score? War score is usually a lot higher than alliance score…

By the way, if all else fails, just create a new alliance. Prepare this move by notifying your alliance members in advance and then move all members to the new one and maybe the problem will be solved…

Alliance score:Trophy score is 1606 and titan score is 4500. That is 6106. No one had said anything about a minimum alliance score. If so, what is the minimum? I have heard that very small alliances have participated. I believe you but, I see nothing on the wiki about a minimum alliance score or what it is. Also, where is my tutorial that I need to complete?

I think the minimum is around 2,500. If this were your problem, I think you’d get a message stating it when going to War tab.

The set up a defense team button is not active so I cannot do that. No all members are not opted in but, I am told they do not have to b.

Support still telling me it will work and the tutorial will launch during the preparation phase. I am taking screen shots again (not that it has helped) and this time the Matchmaking in progress screen has no countdown timer. IS this normal? It has been like this for hours

And now it finally works!!! (Wow, I was actually almost ready to delete my game but, it works!)
Thanks to all who responded. (I can’t wait to get my butt kicked).


Yay! I love the wars, I think the RNG fairies need to give you a break for all the effort you spent getting in!

Go kick some butt, but win or lose have fun! :crossed_swords::fist::skull:

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At this point I don’t even care if I get crushed :smiley:

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I think they do the pairings going from high alliance war scores on downward. So you can expect it to take hours each time. Congratulations, and enjoy the best part of the game.

It’s 3250:

Already the second time, there is no selection of the enemy in the war of alliances. In the alliance, only one player has a war active?Screenshot_2019-04-02-22-29-53 Screenshot_2019-04-02-22-30-09

@kaschey Welcome to the Forum!

I moved your post to a thread where another player, @Luigi, was having a similar problem.

It looks like contacting Support was a necessary part of solving that, so here are the instructions to #contact-support:

I was assuming that I had no war this past weekend because they were still disabled from the v20 update, but it has been telling me “matchmaking in progress” all day today so I guess something is wrong here also.

There was no problem before the v20 update… wars twice a week, no problems. Absolutely nothing has changed on my end except the app updates. On the latest version, well above the alliance score threshold, etc.

Annoying as I was hoping to finish filling the war chest before moving on.

Got a letter from support. Nothing answered, poisoned to this forum). Very bad game support!
Meanwhile, the second war in a row, the system could not pick up the enemy. Before that, he played one cycle of war 5:0. I will repeat before the update number 20 there were no problems.

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