Not able to get my Alliance into a war

when I go to Alliance →war all it ever says is matchmaking in progress. Is it because I have a small alliance with few level 12 and above players? How do I get a war started? Then guide is not helpful. Something with photos would help so I can see if I am doing it wrong.

Alliance size should not be an issue… people in solo alliances can and do fight in alliance wars.

Are all your members opted in? Also there is a tutorial I believe they have to complete once they are level 12 before being eligible for wars.

You also have to have a defense team set up for the war, which I think you do during the tutorial.

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Level 12 is the minimum for wars. But you should be able to compete even if you only have 1 lvl 12 player. That one player will be the only person in the war on your side though.

Is the Participate In Wars checkbox checked under Alliance settings?

yes, it is checked both under war opt in and under allaince settings

I am level 26 and have my own alliance

Not sure if all members are opted in (some are not high enough level) I do not remember doing a tutorial when I hit level 12 but, I do have a defense team set up so maybe I did.

Tutorial is mandatory… At least now it is… Just put my aly account into wars about a month ago.

So can someone tell me HOW. Do I click on alliance icon then select war? If so then why do I only see the war chest 0/25 and the active war just says matchmaking in progress (it has been saying that for weeks) defense team is greyed out HERE but, I made one in hero roster and the blue banner for defense is lit up on my teAM ONE in hero roster. or am I going to the wrong place?

Soynds like you’re in the right place… If you are level 12, go into war after matchmaking and have done tutorial then you should be good. If not I might suggest sending a support ticket and or possibly screenshots.

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Your war defense team is not the same as your raid defense team. You need to set it on the battlefield screen

If you can post screenshots here, maybe we can help you

@npnky here is what I see (and where is the battlefield screen located?)


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I was at tgat screen for a bit with my alt account. Once matchmaking was done, then I could get into the tutorial. If you are lvl 12 and have done the tutorial, then support ticket would be the option unfortunately.

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How long has it been showing "Matchmaking in progress "?

@npnky for at least two weeks (have not checked it prior to that).

This might be dumb question… But do you have latest version installed? Might be something like the raid thing if you’re on a different version.

yes, latest version.

I would definitely send a support ticket thru the in game option.


spent time sending ticket only to have it tell me right before the submit button that in preparation that from march 3 to march 15 “NEW” alliance wars are disabled.

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