Not able to do the summon I like

Please see screenshot.

I planned to save up all my atlantis tokens till after Season 2 was final. I am not in beta so no idea but I was thinking in the final portal might be Poseidon. And since he is the big bad enemie this season, we might be able to pull him as well.
So saving up my atlantis tokens.

Since I am VC2P and I need a long time to gather the needed 3.000 gems to make a 10x pull, I would like to use the gems over 3.000 I have accumulated up until now (only was able to do 1x 10x pull in nearly a year of playing).
Planned to do this in an event of my choice (to be determined).

Well I cannot pull anything from Atlantis without using my tokens or do a 10x pull.
Both options are not what I planned for.
And as we all know F2P and C2P need to plan ahead where to spend the very hard earned gems…

Maybe we can also get a button for a ‘normal’ 1x pull?

Yes this would mean I would do 1 summon right now and that is it for this month in Atlantis.

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You can do single pulls, but only after you use your Atlantis tokens.

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Well that was kind of the point for this toppic.

I want to save my atlantis tokens till the last portal when season 2 is open completely. Then do them all at once and gather all the coins I can up to there. This means in March if we keep opening 3 at a time.

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Is shouldn’t change much, isn’t it?

If you use 100 atlantis coins now you spare 350 gems for later.
If you use 350 gems now you spare 100 atlantis coins for later.

What’s the difference?


Coins comes first and it’s better this way: by stacking gems you could get a “summon’s discount” while the 100 coins required would stay the same.


Used the 300 atlatntis coins I had gathered
You guys are right, I was overthinking this again.

Gill-ra, oberon and Isshtak.
Someone will have some nice dinner tonight :rofl:


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