Not a new topic but need some clarity please

Eventually, when l get the 4 star ascension materials that l need to ascend my three 4 star heroes (2 fine gloves, 1 sturdy shield, 3 traps, and 1 orb of magic), I’ll do my happy dance.

Nonetheless, one of my 4 stars is in the monk class. Prior to that, l used emblems in the talent grid for two of my 3 star monk heroes. Here’s the scenario and question:

What happens when l reset the two 3 stars in order to apply the monk emblems (eventually after final ascension) to my 4 star monk class hero? Do l lose any emblems? Does it cost money (iron/food)?

I had a reset token that l used a while ago when l didn’t really know what l was doing.

Any feedback or insight would be greatly appreciated. I’ll leave the pure frustration of not getting ascension materials for another day. I just got one pair of fine gloves by completing a quest (Furlom Pass(?)), but still need hero more pair.

if you use a reset token

you get 100% emblems returned from that hero

and some food and iron you used

if you use gems

you lose 5% of the emblems and get no food or iron returned


Reset tokens are ideal for this situation, if you have any. Otherwise, you are going to lose at least some of your originally invested materials.

Which is why I usually try to tell newer players to be careful about which heroes they put emblems on.

Not that it’s a terrible idea to emblem 3* heroes too. That can come in handy for rare level events and 3* raid tournaments. But personally, I try to save most of my emblems for the 4s and 5s that I’m likely to use most often.


Much appreciated. Your response is very helpful.

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