Not a euro more in this game

After spending money to buy gems and being able to make invocations wanting to get the hero of the month (33 invocations in March looking for Delilah and 27 invocations this April searching for Aeron) I have not gotten neither the heroes of the month nor a single legendary hero in 60 invocations in 2 months. On the other hand I have companions who without spending money, and invoking only once with an epic ticket, the hero of the month came out. With this own data it has become very clear to me that it is absurd to spend money on this game. In addition, on the other hand I have found that since I decided to spend money on buying gems, let’s say that the game has lowered the quality of the gifts I receive and the heroes that come out of me, as if knowing that I am willing to spend money, would like to squeeze more to those people. Having seen all this I have decided not to spend a euro more in this game since I feel cheated. Regards, and thank you very much


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: Take care :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol…It would not be a bad idea that people who spend money (do not forget that that is the goal of the game, make us spend money) to buy gems and invoke x10 or x15 (if they put it) will guarantee at least 1 legendary hero. I have invoked 4 x10 in 2 months … and it has given me all trash plus a large number of epic vouchers and loose invocations … given that they do not care for people who spend money, they will lose it. There are many people who do not spend money for that reason, it does not guarantee anything at all. And those of us who spend are already tired


I think @Mr_Daniel_Duck was smiling at your post because he just reported receiving a number of event heroes (including Arthur, Merlin and Lancelot), the HOTM (Aeron) and a bunch of other 3/4/5* heroes while rolling six 10x Summons back-to-back.

He has better luck than me. :wink:

I mean it was purely informative topic. What else is there to say :smiley:

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It is every company’s goal to make money but as a small spender I have been satisfied with a Zeline from a x10, a Delilah from gems left over from a 2800 gem deal to get Zeline plus what I saved for a short period of time and some tokens, and then I got this months hotm from another 2800 gem deal. So in total including 2 v.I.p’s I have spent about $70. The company isn’t cheating you because you are a paying consumer they could never stay in business that way. I net you got all kinds of good stuff on your GAMBLE for the HOTM’s.

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I would support guaranteeing an epic hero with a 10 draw, but not a legendary. Legendary are supposed to be rare. Right now they average right around 1 legwndary per 3x10 draws. That’s not bad.

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When the actual offer and the expected offer differ too much from each other, buyer’s remorse is the inevitable result.

Rest assured there are many players enjoying the result of whatever money they spend on this game, simply because they understand the (un)likelihood of a great result on a gamble, and do not spend more than they wish to for fleeting entertainment.

Seeking to buy off your frustration in lack of game progress is, quite frankly, a strategy that is destined to cause you even more frustration. The best recipe against frustration in lack of game progress is stubborn persistence, perseverance and patience. Someday you will draft a 5*, from a token or TC20, and someday you will gather the ascension mats over time.

And for Pete’s sake, when you spend money on this game, do so in a way that brings you entertainment and enjoyment. Do so from a positive point of view. Doing it to combat frustration is bound to only give you more.