[NOT A BUG] (Unleveled) Costume Norns skill % went down in V60

Can anyone explain this difference to me…having a blonde moment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Before V60 update:

After V60 update:

But I cant seem to find any information on this change. I know the % goes up as you level up but this went down…I’m just confused :confused:


I am putting it to mod chat.


I believe it’s because skill is 1/8.

In v.59 damage was full 415% at the very beginning, but in v.60 it seems to be fixed - only 265% on 1/8, and it’ll grow up to 415% on 8/8.

But anyway it’s a good idea to ask devs.

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In the portal she had 450% damage to three, I hope they would return the damage to that amount.

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The part where damage % increases as she gains levels 1 to 8 I understood. She’s not mine but a friend asked…he pulled her and the ss are from his roster before then after. He probably won’t level her anyway but others who pulled might so I thought I’d ask just to see whats up?

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Send her my way, I’ll lvl her up.

Definitely an oopsie daisie moment from SG

Would be at special skill 8/8

Yes, it were like this at 8/8 on the previous version of the game but now it’s 415%… the bug report is about that.

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No the bug report is because it’s more like 265%

The photo for 415% shows SS lvl at 1/8

Previously in the portal she had 450% damage, now she only have 415% at 8/8. I hope this will clarify things up.

Because the special skill is 1/8 8/8 450%

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And will it grow to 450% as show in the portal at her release? :nerd_face:

Look at the second photo at the top, look at the SS attack percentage @FraVit93

For level 1 & 2 there is only 5% increase, by the end she will get 300% hit only not 450% as previous version…


Thanks for the update @LatiyFundiy @L33tVortex12596 @FraVit93 @PlayForFun

Still no news?

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Thanks for your reminder.

@PlayForFun , @Petri , we’ve got a problem.
That’s a full 8/8 C.Horns.

Damage was 450% at release.
Bug? Silent rebalance?


I am asking this from Staff again…


anddd any response? hopefully this is not a hard question :slight_smile:

works as intended

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Is this related the the “under-the-hood” fix that 60.0.1 is trying to address?