[NOT A BUG] Tarlak Bug

Tarlaks special ability doesn’t take effect when it fires twice.
Tarlak fires once and gives +100% normal attack.
Tarlak fires twice(the next round) and allies still have +100% attack.
The description said they will have a maximum of 160%.
Therefore, this is a bug.

No it works as designed, Tarlaks attack buff stacks with other buffd up to 160%, Fire a Rhys after Tsrlak and lits if yellow shields would have given xou an stk buff of89%, then it stacks with Tarlak, but is capped at 160% indtead of 180%. Firing Tarlak twice will only overwrite the first stk buff, the durstion of the buff is reset too.

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Normally id agree but the specifics of the special ability state that it can be in addition to other effects. Other effects also include the first wave of his abilities on other characters.

Other effect is not another instance of same effect!
Same effect will overwrite, other effect will stack…

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