[NOT A BUG] Suspicious chests in Carnival of Gods do not count as elite enemies

This is more of an “is this working as intended?” question. Today’s PoV includes a daily quest to kill 10 elite enemies. I completed Carnival of Gods Legendary Stage 1, thinking I should get 8 elite enemies, since there are 9 enemies in the stage, and the boss doesn’t count as elite. I encountered 2 suspicious chests on this run-through (lucky me!) and only ended up with 6 elite enemies killed.

The suspicious chest in Carnival of Gods has a mana bar. I don’t know if it has a special skill, as I always killed it before it could fire. According to this, it has the elite enemy explosion animation when it dies. (I never paid attention myself.) All of this seems to indicate that it could be an elite enemy, but I’m not sure if it is supposed to be. Just wanted to raise the issue since I noticed it to get some clarity. Ultimately, it’s not a huge deal. Just curious.


I dont see a issue as it classed/named The suspicious chest …

Its not a elite enemy sure its there in the game sits, opens laughs then shuts not very elite :rofl:

Its a chest :+1: a suspicious one none the less


Found one does say “rare” enemy in loot…

So not elite

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I wonder what the difference in this enemy and an elite enemy is, though. Did you notice it cast a special skill? If it doesn’t have one, maybe that’s it.

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No mana bar under the rare enemy :+1:


Oops! I thought I saw one. All good then.

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Didn’t realise I could just replay some Rare stages to clear that challenge.

Good to know. Thank you


Glad it helped, since I was off on the premise of my question to start with!