[NOT A BUG] Riddle me this

Just did this raid… there are no overhealers on the team, I hit Vela with 2lbc Finley (which oddly did only 418 or so damage) , yet she’s at full health. You can see all other opponents have -56 D plus 218 ish poison damage, yet Vela is at full health. What gives? I scratched my head at this one. Reraided, and wrecked it the second time, but very similar tiles to the first match. Seemed like a glitch to me. Finley hit the whole team but initial target was Vela. Weird.

Perhaps she had 2 of her Druid minions when you hit her? One took 246 damage and died, and the other took 232 damage, leaving 14hp


Or also, Vela could heal using elemental link

Since there is still a minion with 14 health after the attack that would indicate that none of the attack made it through the meatwall.

Lol your right, I didn’t even notice the minions. Hmmm…I shelved Vela after whole TVG debacle. Maybe I should revisit her…

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