[NOT A BUG] [Rant] Warning for new players - Black Friday summon

Not a bug but a know issue about the scam:

For new players only.

I just want to warn you, that black friday here is not a SALE by any means.
Gems 700 for €6 is more expensive than the cheapest offers you can get the gems for (the cheapest still being S2 Atlantis)

Summoning heroes are not on sale by any stretch of imagination either. It costs 3000 while the cheapest 10x summon on events is 2600 so if it was sale it would be less than 2600 and it’s even more

Now the most important thing. They said that the chances of getting any legendary hero is 3.6% in reality, it doesn’t change anything.
Alpha aethers are supposed to be 10% chance yet after they introduced POG chances decreased to about 2% to push POG purchase. They don’t advertise it and trolls paid by Zynga will tell you otherwise but this is experience of real players doing many summons spending thousands $
So 3.6% means you can do 100 summons and get nothing - exactly the same as any other event.

Summary: none of this is sale, it’s just a bigger scam…


There is something strange going on. I did one 10 pull because why not i had the diamonds. 7 out of 9 where 3* and 4* I already had. And that is strange but i know i dont have about 80% of the 3* and 4* so why all the doubles? A clan mate had exactly the same thing.
And i got 1 weak useless 2023 HOTM i dont need.


I agree and disagree with this. You’re missing key information out here. For my 3000 gem 10X pull I am Guaranteed NOT to get hero I can get from my training camps. For a new player this could be a game changer as a 10x pull at 2600 gems could easily result in 10 season 1 heroes. Not sure about anyone else but, if you’re going to do a 10x pull anyway this (and summer soltice) is probably the best place to do it.

Also, yes, you could do a 10 pull and not get a 5* hero even with the increased odds, but there is a better chance of you getting one and a guarantee that it won’t be a season 1 5*

Yes, you are right in some area’s but sale or no, if you’re new to the game and were going to do a 10x pull anyway, this is one of the best places to do it

Disclaimer: I haven’t received my Zynga paychecks yet so whilst I can be a troll sometimes, I’m not a paid one just yet. If this changes I will update

Just one gamer’s opinion

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Spot on about offer pricing. Price is horrendous.

It’s US$0.99 for 200 gems in event offers, if gems are offered.

The pricing should at best be US$3.99 (for WS offer) not US$4.99.

That lure of 50 gems going into that Gem chest is another gimmick. Assuming I fill up with 450 gems, that’s not worth US$4.99 at all.

I would have to keep buying daily WS BF offers from D1 till BF ends to get more than 450 gems for that US$4.99.

Not even sure if those supposedly discounted gems even allow player to break even. Zynga is actually collecting money upfront from those WS BF offers.


Agree. For a newbie, this portal offers much better value than it would for a player who’s been playing awhile.


While I agree with the pricing only, BF/solstice portals are probably the best portals to pull as a beginner. No S1 heroes in this is already good enough to pull. Better variety of heroes from all portals makes this quite attractive. Even if you’re pulling for one, that hero would benefit the newbie in some way. The only thing we should teach newbies is to not be disappointed with whatever results they get in this portal


Not a scam

Gem deals are all awful so far, agreed

It does. A higher chance of getting a 5*. And more importantly all 3s and 4s are non S1 so a good chance of getting a useful hero that could possibly be played in every level of the game. As others have said this makes this a good portal for newish players

Not at all. I and most other players regularly get these as free drops.

You could do a 90% event and get nothing, exactly the same as any other event. Does the chance of that mean you wouldn’t choose the 90% portal over other portals?


I didn’t like the title tbh, it feels mean spirited. Perhaps ‘a cautionary tale’ instead of a flat out ‘warning’ would make it more neutral


Thanks, but it’s genuine

Errr…Okay… You’re welcome but it’s not…

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Looking through the heroes, it’s not as bad as some make it out to be just because of the number of heroes they have released in the last year the chances of getting a good hero improved from previous portals like this. Leaving season I heroes doesn’t really do anything for me because the amount of filler heroes like Boss Wolf or Guardian Owl or any older non-costume hero is essentially the same to me.

The issue I have is the gem only aspect makes it more expensive which negates the increased odds. Even with saving gems from the best offers throughout the year make the cheapest 10 pull $15 and more expensive if you are counting on any of the actual Black Friday deals. You can at least 1 ten pull(usually more) from any of the coin portals for $1 pull which could fill your budget unless you spend a lot. I haven’t bought gem offers in a long time because they are just a more expensive way to pull.

At this point you have lost me and disqualified yourself, no matter how well-intentioned your intentions may be. :roll_eyes:



Black Friday summon portal is a portal just like every other portal in the game. The odds are slightly better for 5*, and there are no S1 heroes or Myztero :cry:, but you could still end up with just dupes (would that make you duped?).

You have been warned. Carry on now, nothing to see here.


Honestly, that’s all the OP does. Starts a thread with the exact same theme “greed” and titles it whatever is going on that day. Could be Black Friday, Buffing Heroes, new troops…anything…it’s always scam/greed/trolls / Wash-rinse-repeat


You missed something really important!

SS - That’s better?

I thought the name looked familiar.

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I made x20 from previously accumulated reserves, received many 3* and a couple of 4*, they didn’t even give me an old one that was completely unnecessary 5*. Here’s Black Friday, here’s your increased chances. Before this I was going to buy more shares, but I changed my mind. Thank you, but spending money on a bunch of 3* is not interesting. I’m no longer participating in this Black Friday.

Maybe shift this to general discussion, I don’t see how any of this is an issue to begin with

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FFS sake E&P it becomes really difficult to defend you when you do shizzle like this

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That one baffled me as well. The offers on the EP website store were slightly better today but that’s not saying much. I always compare, but really, I should be put on a spending freeze at this point, it’s not good, but my first 2 10 pulls were! 1st one was amazing. 2nd, not as good but mostly 4* vs 3*. The 3rd, not at all. And now I’m done spending money…

until tomorrow.