[NOT A BUG] Not all minions got updated, please fix it 🐶

As you can see on my screenshots, new minions work as intended, not caped at 1000 hp anymore. But Ephyra still is, maybe others too. Only sure that Max and Freya work as intended with minion update. See screenshots, fiends became a stronger weapon again too, I like it :dog:

Please fix it or invest in one testing everything, knowing the game :smile: or tell me if I’ve got something wrong :coffee:

Is your Ephyra LB2? This is the only way her minions are not capped anymore.


No, they need a second lb for that, why, have I missed something?

“Double Limit Broken heroes”


Thank you, missed out on that. So not f2p friendly :smirk:

Everything they do or change these days, is ‘not f2p friendly’…


I would say these years…

I have Leafwhisk LB2 and his mega minion has 2000 HP. Go figure

Here to report the same:

Even if it’s not a bug (double limit broken only) it’s for sure an issue.

Something is wrong with this screenshot. I also have C.Freya but my description says minions will have 25% hp.

For a second thought, does stack change the special skill description?

No, all good, it’s cause of her :sunglasses: yes it does, was surprised too at first that the card text of Freya changes

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