[NOT A BUG] Noor in Carnival Event

Noor’s passive which states that she creates a minion for every time an enemy creates a minion is not firing during the carnival event! What’s up with that?!?

Noor summons a minion when an enemy summons a minion by special skill.

But this one is tricky. The event description clearly states that an enemy summons a mask minion for themselves when they cast their special effect, but this is because of their family effect, not because of their special skill. So their family effect is the root of the minion and not their actual special skill. I think everything needs better wording.


I’m guessing that technically the enemeis get a minion from their family bonus and not directly from the special skill and that’s why Noor doesn’t get a minion.


Thanks for the help in understanding why. Pretty tricky indeed.