[Not a Bug] - No credit for challenge events (RE: Path of Valor, Valor Challenge)

I did the challenge events and didn’t get credit for it on the new event that’s going on. Please tell me why.


We haven’t had a challenge event yet. The next one is Avalon, next week. What you completed was a daily quest. Edit: Well, a rare quest.

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Farholme pass is a challenge events isn’t it? We don’t get that all the time. It’s only like once or twice a month. That makes it a challenge event just like all the others.

The challenge events are Avalon, Pirates, Wonderland, etc. Farholme is a rare quest. They all show up under quests, which can be confusing. The challenge events are the ones with rare, epic, and legendary tiers.

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For further information check here:


No, it’s a rare quest. Challenge events are the monthly events.

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As has been highlighted here what you did was a Rare Quest.

Posted this on the Main Path of Valour (Valor) Thread:

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I completed a challenge event but did not get credit for it in the Path to Valor. Can this be fixed?

The first challenge event (after path of valor released) will start next Wednesday and will be Knights of Avalon

Finished Rare and Epic in challenge event and only got credit for one of them

Welcome, @Pennywise1972!

According to your image, you are elevated to Complete A Challenge Event II. Stage 2 of this challenge requires finishing two challenges. Stage 1, which you passed, only required one. You fulfilled Stage 1 by beating Rare tier, were ascended to Stage 2, and then were credited with 1 of 2 completions of the stage by beating KoA Epic tier. In order to complete Complete A Challenge Event II from PoV, you will have to beat the Legendary tier of Knights of Avalon in order to have a chance at completing Stage 3 of this challenge, which will require a full sweep of all tiers of Pirates of Corellia in March.

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