[Not a Bug] Jean Francois Misses With Wu Kong

JF has no direct damage (which is not good & right - essentially making JF a neutered hero), yet when Wukong’s special goes off, JF’s burn DOT misses 32% of the time. Please give JF direct damage, or buff him because the way it is now is very unfair - JF is underpowered, and missing with DOT adds insult to an injury - a bug.

I don’t think it’s a bug, it’s an “offensive special skill” which is suseptible to Wu’s misses. Think I 've seen this mentioned with other DOT heroes.


Unfortunately it definitily isn’t a bug… There are many precendents where there is no “direct damage” but the hero “misses” under Wu Kong’s effect (or Ranvir)…

Examples include:

  • Sonya and melendor’s “Dispell Buffs from Enemies”
  • Morgan Le Fey and Natalya (no direct damage just DoT)
  • Wilbur & Costume Gunnar Enemy Damage Share (and debuff)
  • Costumed Brienne’s Defence Debuff
  • Boss Wolf’s Mana Speed Debuff
  • etc…

The bottom line is that any hero whos special skill EFFECTS the enemy in ANY way can “miss” the enemy targets.

Worth noting that Wu Kong’s special skill specifically states “Offensive Special Skills”… not specific to “direct damage only”


Just curious, is it each tick of DoT that can miss? Or just the initial application? So, is it possible to land the DoT but some/all of the ticks miss? Just imagining that in a “real world” scenario… JF sets someone alight, next turn the flames “miss”, next turn they “hit” lol… that just sounds silly… which of course doesn’t mean anything in E&P land hehe.

Just the initial application.

Once the status effect is on, it no longer counts as “coming from the other team” & thus cannot miss or be resisted etc… (Exception being the cleric talent resisting Onatel’s special but that’s a bug and being fixed in V28)


This makes JF even worse than expected. Why can’t SG make him at least comparable to Vela???

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JF broken majorly underpowered. Telluria majorly overpowered. So badly so I stopped caring about filling heroes chests for the first time since I started playing a year and a half ago.

Two major hotm screwups in a row from sg. You think they’d get better data to introduce new heroes from the beta program. Maybe time to rethink their whole beta operation.

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Then who will purchase Grave Maker??!! :grin::grin:

JF was supposed to be S3 Gravemaker, but he is a major let down in his present (broken) nerfed down state

A lot of people demoralized and losing interest in the game because of this.

Well lucky for me the only hotm’s I’ve pulled In last 6+ months are JF and Neith. Love it!

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Same here. I was saving for JF. But he is a major disappointment - a broken hero.

JF was to be S3 GM. GM is unavailable for purchase.

Closed as Original “Bug” has been resolved (not a bug).

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