[Not a Bug] Goblin balloon disappeared -- Didn't get "Mystery Chest Item"

After I bought goblin offer my goblin balloon disappeared. Now I have lost money without getting anything. Truly upsetting.

When you bought it it SHOULD have popped up with the items & thus gone into your inventory.

The balloon will be back when you next get your first crate.

Check your recent activity log & upload a SS of the period in question.


It appeared. Because I got one crate from a mission or something. Then I bought a second crate, after this it disappeared. Not over the base not in inventory.

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You bought the balloon. Not a crate.

When you purchase it you buy the current contents of the Goblin Balloon.

If you purchase the Contents of the balloon when there are 5x crates in it, you get a bonus “mystery crate”.

Then when you’ve bought the balloon contents, if flies off (disappears from base) until it’s needed again (i.e. when you get another crate).


I guess the issue then is we never received the mystery crate.

You ONLY get the mystery crate if you purchase it when there are 5 goblin crates IN the Goblin Balloon.

It does say that above the “mystery crate”… says specifically:

“collect xyz more Goblin Crates to add an extra item from the mystery crate”

So no mystery crate item unless you got 5 goblin crates in the balloon.



Again. I have purchased a mystery crate. It should be a second one. First I got it from 100 heroes crate. So to understand it you get something only after you got 5 mystery crates?

You didn’t purchase the mystery crate.

You purchased the contents of the Goblin Balloon.

When you buy it; you buy whatever is in the Goblin Balloon AT THAT TIME.

IF (and ONLY if) there are 5 crates in the balloon hold & you purchase it, you get an additional item from the “mystery chest”


I think what @Guvnor is trying to explain to you is that you only purchased one crate,not the “mystery crate” which you only get after all 5 slots are filled.

The above shows only 1 slot filled.


And here is a screenshot of recent activity.

Yeah so here’s a breakdown what happened:

  1. you got a goblin crate in a wanted chest

  2. it then appeared in your goblin balloon

  3. you purchased the Goblin Balloon Contents

  4. you got what was in the Goblin Balloon at the time of purchase.

Again, the Mystery Crate ONLY gets added to the purchase if you purchase 5x crates at the same time (i.e. the Goblin Balloon Hold is full & at the highest price – will appear in your Recent Activity as “Purchased Goblin Balloon V”)


It shows the mystery crate and says “get this item now” with a purchase price right below it. How is anyone not supposed to think they are buying the mystery crate?


It’s referring to the one item currently in the Goblin Balloon. If you get more than one crate it changes to “get these items now”.

As for “how are they supposed to not think that”; because it explicitly says that you need xyz more crates to get the bonus from the mystery crate.

Says it again if you tap the tool tip (“?”) above the Mystery Crate.

I’ll ask staff if they can change the wording from “purchase this item now” to “purchase Balloon Contents now”


So for the 1st crate I got 50 Atlantis coins. And for the one with money I get nada. Well people, do not buy goblin crates, you will get nothing out of it but a lot of explanation.

No you paid money to get the 50 atlantis coins.

You don’t get the contents of the Goblin Balloon or Goblin crates UNLESS you purchase them via the goblin balloon.

The free option is to recycle the Goblin Balloon when there are 5x Crates in the Balloon’s Hold

Read more about it here:
[Master] Goblin Balloon -- Explanation & Loot Tracking

Those I got from a free chest.

Not quite. You got the Goblin Crate from a wanted chest but you can only get the contents of the Goblin Crate by purchasing it via the Goblin Balloon.

Worth noting that this is exactly how it has been in Puzzle Combat for the last 6 months so is not a bug but is exactly how this feature works

Graphically this feels like a carnival scam. They show you a big prize with “win this”, but in reality you have to win multiple prizes to work your way up to it. I should have read the fine print. I was excited about a new feature and thought that an image saying buy this with a price meant I was buying the item pictured.


Yeah I can see where you’re coming from. It took me a couple crates to get the hang of it in PC too… fortunately I didn’t purchase the Balloon to learn the hardway :frowning:

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Wolkus, you don’t actually receive any of the items from the Goblin balloon unless you purchase them. It showed you the 50 aglantis coins, but they were not in your inventory until you purchased them. I made the same mistake thinking I was buying the mystery chest. I am going to open a support ticket and see if they will kick back the money or do something.