[NOT A BUG] Gobbler unable to steal Boom and Fang’s boat minion

The card states the affect of the minion is not dispellable, but it doesn’t say Boom and Fang resists minion theft. Isn’t this a bug to not let gobbler steal it? Telluria has a passive against minion removal, so that is a case for saying that minion removal should not be implied unless specifically stated (like in Telluria’s case). I went against an opponent today, and c_gobbler did not steal BF’s minion.

Don’t think of the Mega Minion as a minion. It can not be affected like normal minions. It is like a minion in Hulk mode. A mutant minion if you will. It laughs in Gobbler’s face.

Working as intended

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Thanks Blem. That minion outlasted my team even past 570% damage in OT. How does one defeat it?


With great difficulty. A minion remover will take 50% of it’s health so if you can bring 2 and fire them one after the other or get one to fire twice in quick succession it should just about do the trick. A Def down hero could help or just heavy hits with someone who will bypass the counter-attack. I prefer the later…though I wonder if Guan Yu would be useful. I’ll try him and see

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So Boom and Fang’s Mega minion basically said “Guan Who”? Guan Yu will give def down but he’ll probably die doing it. Seems heavy hitting bypass hero or a Darkfeather or Guardian Hippo or Ginger are your best bets without taking damage. Or a heavy hitting S1 hero with Superior Ranger talent. Maybe a hefty DoT ailment like Corrosive poison. Depends what you have to work with but it’s no simple task either way.

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Use Noor’s sparrows, it takes 2 small smacks from the sparrows to kill the boars. Or devana’s lynx