[NOT A BUG] Erlang Shen Equalizer BS

Ok. I just got wiped out single handedly by Erlang in equalizer war. His special deals damage if the effect is removed. However. War equalizer apparently counts as removal??? Equalizer fired and damaged me every time. This is complete BS. Every other specia is wiped out by equalizer but his still does damage? I purposefully didn’t remove the effect to avoid that damage but equalizer did it anyway. My queen of hearts taunt minion doesn’t work anymore, why does Erlang’s? FIX THIS

If you fight Tremor, you will experience the same or even worse. :man_shrugging:




They even buff tremor. At least erleng shen is only hit 3 and Tremor hit all. Tremor heals and hit damage for both at 800 when it get remove in equaliser. And the best part , they want to nerf erlang shen.

First time facing erlang in EQ? Try play top10, then u can be pist! Grow some please

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Yeah, if you think Erlang is BS in equalizer you haven’t seen tremor in action. He makes Erlang look like a saint in comparison

I’m feeling lot’s of positivity and love in this thread


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Great advice ferret thanks :wink:

Clearly this is a learning experience for me and hadn’t faced him or tremor in EQ before. My complaint comes down to 2 things:

  1. Consistency. Not a single other effect is maintained even those tied to minions. Why these?
  2. Strategy. I had a fully charged Augustus and held him for AFTER the equalizer to avoid the damage (expecting consistency.) Had I known Erlang (and Tremor) got special treatment I would have at least healed myself a bit.

Still won that war so it’s all good. Maybe I’ll grow a little while you grow a pair Ferret

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