[NOT A BUG] Daemon vs goblins

His skill does not work. His skill is not preventing skill activation nor is it prevent stacks of any kind. Provided pic is of Tounge after being hit by daemon and after her using her skill…

Nothing seems wrong here. Wither and max health reduction aren’t status effects but we can see special skill defense ailment was correctly not applied. Also, how the heck do you think Smarttongue should be prevented from casting her special skill at all? Nothing says that…


Daemon prevents targets from Talent Skill Activation and the target cannot cast new status effects on enemies or allies. Each for three turns.

Smartongue’s talent skill is Pierce, so that is moot. And special skill doesn’t give allies any buffs, so that is also moot. However it should block the -45% defense ailment it gives to enemies. That should be the only effect Daemon should affect. Wither and reduced max health aren’t ailments.


Ok… i made a mistake. I just realized i was thinking special(attack) skill. Your right about talents. I was using him wrong.