Not a bug but a bird/dragon request

A request for future releases…

Asking that when we knock the 11 birds out of the air that we can get 11 food. They come across the stronghold about every 15 min so if a vigilant player was constantly active on the game, they get 44 extra meat every hour. Far less than food production for even a single first level farm.

The object of the game from YOUR side is to keep players playing all the time. I cannot tell you how many times I click the VIP dragon just to hear the roar.

Just asking for a little more interactivity.

If you added 10 meat for the dragon that flys across every 25 to 30 min that would be cool as well.

The end game for you guys as developers is for people to play the game. This might be a good idea.

Please think about it. Just triggering the meat counter for each hit should be an easy edit as it has a falling routine attached anyway.

Thanks for listening…

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