#NoSpend starts now!

Taco Time


It wouldn’t make any difference but SG should survey its members regularly or perhaps employee a Community Liaison Representative who voices the opinion of the ‘common player’.

Then again, let’s be honest, they have employees who read this content. They just don’t give a F cos they’re getting paid.

Greed and not giving a poop about others. Hmmmm no wonder the world is going to hell.

Thanks for your opinion, but we can just agree to disagree.

Well after nearly 6 years I just quit as tbh the Nerfs are warranted as the heroes are too strong and lets be honest the greed is getting crazy now intentionally putting out crazy 5*s to attract ££££ then people complain when they nerf.
They are taking you for Fools .
Glad I’m out but met some great people playing this game.


I haven’t been back to the forum in over a day and a half. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to log into the game. As was stated in some of the posts above, I don’t see the point. It used to be fun. But finally understanding through my bones the road map SG has taken, it’s hard for me to even deal with the pop ups to get to my heroes to decide what to do for the day.

I think I’ll just make a few posts here in the forums and not login at all today. Just because…

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I like the new monkey and the covenant!
No quest so f2p can go f themselves
And the monkey? 410x3 + 900DoT? With avg mana speed?

Great for the balance of the game!

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Monkey has great chance to be nerfed. So iwho chase him have a great chance to cry later.

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F2p can’t chase…
Gg by the developers
Release something in order to nerf it


Since going no spend, have found myself spending less time on the game. So the 24 hour boycott, will be no problem.

And after encountering, however briefly, a 2LB’d Hurricane already, in light of their proposed big balance , is simply obscene to me.


Sounds good! I am joining the ditch day!


I dumped my gems, I’m done chasing anything, and will be resorting to very casual.

When they claim they want caps and balance and release a hero like Hurricane, I give up. I dont believe a word they say anymore and I’m not supporting that like I used to.


Counting down to Ditch Day. :laughing:

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Me too.

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My own pessimistic guess is that the introduction of V.58 will take place before Summer Solstice Summons.
Probably because they want to pre-release the new heroes there.

And I personally assume that the SE was delayed because the impact of the V.58 big balance update was too great.

I hope that E&P will take all players and all previous heroes seriously.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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No play today, and for sure play less in coming days. I’m bored, play wars against stronger allies with over 5100 Def and some with over 5400, impossible to defeat with our weakest members (me too).
No way for obtain new stronger heroes without spend money…
That game became P.alot2P on last year.
So, that’s time to take a decision and find other way for fun.