#NoSpend starts now!

#NoSpend starts now!

#WarWalkout May 12, 2023 (optional at your discretion)

Hashtag your banner or alliance name to show support.

No spend until we get confirmation from SG that our demands have been heard and are being addressed:

  1. A minimum of two full months of beta testing before any talk of releasing this update.

  2. Remove inactive beta members and bring in fresh members

  3. Set tasks for beta. Allow beta to interact with design teams and open a meaningful dialog

  4. No nerfing older heroes (older than 18 months) which are a staple to many players. Also no nerfing heroes offered in Soul Exchange or Fated Summons without offering a full reset to those who have the hero

  5. Any player who has lb (single or double) a hero that is being nerfed should be given a free reset token to be able to recoup the mats spent on that hero if they so wish.

@Petri please pass this along to management. We already have a great deal of support for this from the top alliances on down. Contact myself or @Ralsha for details


Details are this:

we have many alliances behind us. No Spend will continue until we see that our demands are being addressed.

No one cares if you don’t think it will work.

No one wants to see roster shaming or big spender shaming.

Not everyone will want to participate and that’s your choice.

Just because an alliance has No Spend in their banner doesn’t mean that every single member isn’t going to spend. And that’s ok. Even if we get 10-20% participation that will make an impact,

The goal is to make an impact, not completely stop everyone from spending. That’s not possible nor would it be wise. #SpendLess works too.

Feel free to join, or not join. Pass the information along or don’t.


War walkout is an optional component set for rush war, May 12th. A lot of smaller alliances are participating in this.


@Petri please take notes. The community is pissed about the proposed changes and utter incompetence of the design staff at your studio. The goal here isn’t to defund the game, but to make it hit the bottom line in a way that your overlords at take two start to raise questions.



  1. I wish I had recorded the revenge raid with you a couple of weeks ago. Was tricky, took two flags.

  2. Have disabled in app purchases for myself

  3. Will put #NoSpend in the Lobster Stew alliance banner


I will not be spending to support this cause. I always pulled magic for Milena :unamused:









Join us fellow players. Spread the word


Are you optting out of wars or just no one in alliance is using flags ?


While I can make no promises for those in my alliance, I am entirely on board with the no-spend response to this balance update.

Having seen this update firsthand as a beta tester myself, I can say that if does not bring balance to the game, but rather pushes us further away with its stat boosts, in some cases very substantial boosts equivalent to 12 emblem nodes for the latest heroes, leaving the older ones even further behind.

I believe that the 2 months with more back and forth between SG and beta would be wise and make for a more viable balance update that is fair to the players in ways that this one is not. Notably, this proposed "balance update by SG will:

  • Speed up the rate at which old heroes become obsolete. If we look at how much stats have increased from year to year, we see that in 2018 and 2019, the highest Card Power of any 5* in the year went up by less than 10 points. From 2020-2022, this accelerated to around 20 points per year. This shift to focusing on stats for newer heroes promises a 30 point increase in 2023 by midyear. And who knows what this will mean by the end of the year. Given that S1 established an 80 points gap due to stats between 4* and 5*, this will leave a lot of older heroes unable to keep up, such that even limit broken and fully emblemed, their stats will be below new heroes at 4/80.
  • Additionally, there are in this balance update 45 heroes receiving nerfs, including some very old heroes like Queen of Hearts, 4* like Sergei and Brynhild, heroes recently featured in soul exchange lie Milena, Lewena, and Ludwig and of course the usual suspects at the top of the heap like Anne and Jove. If this many heroes are being nerfed, a large number of players will be adversely affected. Moreover, that there are this many should give SG pause, so they can take time to understand that such a balance update should not be made rashly or carelessly. I believe SG would do well to consider alternative propositions.

Yes ma’am right here!


We are choosing to opt out. Since we cannot guarantee folks will not hit either side. The thought here is to get as many as possible to just not be in wars. Making the metric drop along with the nospend aspect. The two together being a boulder dropped.


This is a great post.


I would perfer they close the portals for 2 months . Only season one heros in the portal . No soul exchanges. Why well we just had ludwig and Moliena in the sould exchanges and now they are getting neffed not fair . We just had Anne guardian gazelle costume in the portals and their getting nerfed . They cant be trusted to release ballanced heros so close them down . Even black knight was in the soul exchange and is getting a nerf .